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Solidarity with Ukraine
Solidarity with Ukraine

In light of the devastating events in Ukraine, SIT would like to strongly express that we are categorically against any war and the killing of humans by other humans for any reason. We stand alongside the global scientific and academic community against these acts done in Ukraine by the Russian military and Russian government.

Together with our partners, we are implementing initiatives to further humanitarian support, including providing multi-million-dollar financial support and actively working on opportunities to host Ukrainian refugees who have fled from this conflict on our campuses, as well as providing other humanitarian assistance to all those who have been affected.


What is SIT Capital

We are an international venture capital firm built by the world’s leading entrepreneurs to support early-stage digital startups around the world

We are science-based investors with vast startup and technology transfer expertise. Our team members have built several global tech companies, including Acronis, Parallels, and Acumatica. We use this entrepreneurial experience to help both startups and investors.

Together with Schaffhausen Institute of Technology, SIT Capital drives transformative advances in science, research, and technology.

Investments per company

$100K - 5M

Investment stages

Seed, Series A, and Later Stage

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Interdisciplinary Approach & Applied Science

Knowledge, science, and prediction are at the core of SIT Capital mission. These will require a new generation of computing and knowledge creation platforms, with low cost, low power, high speed, high bandwidth, and low latency. Learn more about the interdisciplinary approach and the variety of markets that we invest in.


Quantum CS & Software Engineering
  • 1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • 2 Cybersecurity and Information Integrity
  • 3 Software Engineering


Quantum Technologies and Advanced Materials
  • 1 Quantum Technologies
  • 2 Advanced Materials


Quantum Business
  • 1 Computational Modelling
  • 2 Decisions and Behaviour
  • 3 Networks and Society

Generative Domains

  • Digital Health & Sport
  • New Gen Business Mgmt.
  • Digital Law
  • Market Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • Robotics & Autonomous
  • Digital Learning & Education
  • AI/ML in Bio-Pharma
  • Quantum Computing & Simulation
  • Quantum Networks & Communication
  • Quantum Sensors & Time Standards
  • 5G/6G hardware & IoT
  • Flexible / Wearable Electronics
  • Sustainable Energy
  • AI/ML for Material Discovery
  • Industry X.0

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